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Google’s Android phone has finally been launched – the strong new competitor of Apple’s iPhone.  The smartphone industry is rocking with exciting devices. First Blackberry, then iPhone and now Android – this industry now has a lot to offer. Like its predecessors, Android is getting plenty of appreciation and praise. The Google Android operating system, high resolution display, support for Gmail, Google Search and Google Map – it definitely has enough features to attract most users.

The launch of Android has initiated a hot discussion in the industry - Android vs. iPhone: Which one is better? Let’s take part in this discussion and try to find out who will rule the smartphone industry.

Apple iPhone is an internet-connected multimedia phone by Apple.  It includes a multi-touch screen, camera phone, portable media player, support for text messaging and visual voicemail and web browsing. The Apple Apps Store offers many exciting applications, which is the major explanation for its popularity.  On the other hand, the Android-based T-Mobile G1 is also a smartphone manufactured by HTC. The highlight of this phone is that it is the first phone that uses the Android mobile device platform. Other features include high resolution display, dedicated keyboard, instant messaging like Google Talk and an Android applications market.  Below is an overview of the two phones, their features and their services.


Apple iPhone

Android G1 Phone


iPhone does not have a physical keyboard. It has a multi-touch screen and supports virtual keypad and tapping touch screen keys.

Android has a dedicated 5-row QWERTY keyboard that is revealed when you slide up the display screen.  There are two (left & right) shift keys, a space bar, a menu button, Google search button, “@” key and two ALT buttons. A complete keyboard indeed!

Internal Memory

Apple iPhone is currently available in 8 GB and 16 GB verities. And it will be soon available with 32 GB internal memory.

G1 phone is currently available with 192 MB of onboard memory and with a 1 GB micro-SD card. This memory specification is not enough for a phone supporting audio and video applications.

Multimedia Support

Multimedia is the most promising feature of iPhone and it is one of the best portable media players available in the market.

iPhone can play video, allowing users to watch TV shows and films.

The new iPhone 3G is available with 3.5 mm headphone jack allowing users to enjoy media content without using traditional headset.

G1 is not a real media player yet and you have to use the included stereo headset to listen to media content.

It supports playback of MP3, AAC, AAC+, WMA, MPEG4, WAV, MIDI, Real Audio and OGG formatted songs and YouTube videos.



Support for Google Apps

Apple iPhone supports all major Google Apps (except Google Maps) through the web. It does not offer offline integration with Google Apps.

Android phone supports all Google Apps including Google Search, Google Maps, Google Calendar, Gmail and Google Talk.

Android phone includes the offline version of Google Calendar that takes dates from the phone and automatically updates the online calendar.

Application Market

The Apple App Store is quite popular due to its great applications.  There are currently 552 applications available in the store. More than 25% of the apps are available for free.

Android market is not as big as the Apple App store. Currently, there are 62 applications and all are free.  Paid applications will be soon available.

Hardware Features

The iPhone is thinner and easy to carry.

Multi-touch screen

Sealed battery. The parts of iPhone are not removable and expandable.

G1 is quite a flexible phone. Its parts can be easily expanded and removed.

Heavy when compared to iPhone.

No multi-touch screen. Uses capacitive screen.

If the iPhone is popular because of its great multimedia features and enjoyable applications, Android is also getting people excited because of its wireless syncing capability, cut/copy/paste, games, a wireless music store, application store and third party application support, integrated GPS, multiple client IM clients and multi-tasking capability. It means there is a lot to threaten the iPhone and G1 will give Apple a tough time. If Android really wants to compete with iPhone, they should pay attention to Matthew Miller‘s suggestions published in his post, Review: Over 260 images and 5 videos of the T-Mobile G1 Google Android device , on ZDNet.

“I think the G1 is worth the current price, especially to get 3G and access to the Google Android OS. There are a few things it is currently missing, but with the openness of the OS I think some of these can be added with software utilities. Here is what I think/hope can be updated with either 3rd party updates or firmware updates:

What’s missing from the G1?

What applications do I hope to see?

 Improved Bluetooth profiles (A2DP, keyboard, file transfer)

Better camera functionality (panorama, macro, black & white, etc.)

Video capture capability

Bible application

eBook reader

Office Suite (I know this is coming soon from QuickOffice)


Video/movie viewer (already provided in the Android Market though), On screen text input methods (sometimes I don’t want to open the keyboard)

Exchange client ,

Screen capture utility (very helpful for review)

SlingPlayer or HAVA mobile viewing client

Stereo speakers

Flash and better camera hardware

Headset jack type and placement (it is tough to type with the headset jack plugged in)

Twitter, Jaiku, Facebook, etc. social media applications

Podcatcher for downloading podcasts directly to the device

Electronic wallet application

Ability to assign keyboard shortcuts to controls (Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS)

Internet sharing/tethering utility

 Note taking application (this should have been included at launch)

Games like those from Astraware and those seen on the iPhone with accelerometer support

Streaming internet radio application ( or Pandora)


 Video/movie viewer (already provided in the Android Market though)

On screen text input methods (sometimes I don’t want to open the keyboard)


Evernote client

VoIP application,

Windows Live Search or other application for easily finding movies, gas prices, etc.

Better calculator

Although Android G1 phone was launched recently, critics are quite happy with what it is offering. The general opinion is that its open source OS will help developers develop different applications for the Android market and will ultimately make it the phone that everyone will want to have.


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